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Ryoku | Premium Waterproof Phone Holder for Motorcycles and Bikes

Ryoku | Premium Waterproof Phone Holder for Motorcycles and Bikes

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Ryoku | Premium Waterproof Phone Holder for Motorcycles and Bikes - Adjustable, Waterproof, Bicycle Handlebar Phone Stand for Safe & Seamless Rides

Navigating the open roads or winding trails on your bike or motorcycle is thrilling. Yet, the challenge often lies in keeping your phone within easy reach without compromising safety. Enter the Ryoku Waterproof Phone Holder, designed to harmoniously combine security with accessibility.

The dynamic urban environment demands adaptability, and the weather is often unpredictable. But with Ryoku's premium waterproofing, come rain or shine, your phone remains shielded, allowing you to focus on the journey, trusting that your device is protected.

  • Premium Waterproof Design: Combat unexpected downpours and water splashes, ensuring your phone remains dry and functional.
  • Universal Adjustability: Tailored for diverse phone models, guaranteeing a snug fit for enhanced safety during rides.
  • Sturdy Bicycle Handlebar Clip: Ensures the device stays put, even during high-speed chases or bumpy terrains, enhancing ride focus.
  • Easy Access and Viewing: With its optimal design, accessing apps, maps, or calls becomes hassle-free, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Suitable for 4.0-6.7 inch (193 x 99.2mm) phone
Diameter: Fits any handlebar with a diameter of 22-28mm
Suit for Samsung A31
Universal for iPhone, Samsung, e-readers, etc.
Compatible brand: universal, such as:
For iPhone 1/5 / 5 / 5G / 5C/6/6/6S Plus / 7/7/7S Plus
For Samsung/for Motorola/for HTC/for LG/for Nokia etc.
For Samsung S5 S6 S7 S8 Plus
For Xiaomi 5 Plus 6, For Redmi Note 2, Note3, Note4, For Xiaomi 5 and 2.
For Huawei P9 P9Plus P10 P10Plus
For all mobile phones
Color: Black

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